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Message: A truly inspiring experience. A whole week of creativity, learning a new skill, having a laugh and generally enjoying myself.
There were quite a few moments when I felt as if I had twenty five fingers, it is not as easy as it looks. But that moment when it goes right is so worth the effort.
The teaching is done so gently with humour and patience. Lesley, Richard and Loren are not only brilliant tutors but really lovely people. There is no pressure, time stands still, and one can get completely lost in the concentration. I was always amazed, and disappointed, when the end of each day came round.
Thank you all for a wonderful week, I cannot wait to come back for more.

Name: Pam Holt

Message: Because I only live 40mins away by car, I have been attending the restoration classes by days at a time.I find this a very satisfying way of learning and a crafty way of returning on a regular basis to meet up with Lesley,Richard and Loren who make you so welcome. The teaching by them is second to none, they have all the patience in the world for those of us ( like me ) that perhaps dont quite get it first time. I thoroughly recommend the courses.
The days are friendly and relaxed and you dont realise how much you have learnt until you stop and think about it later.

Name: Kari Duchin

Message: I found the course totally stimulating and absorbing. I am full of admiration for White's Restorations professionalism and expertise, and the style, contents and presentation of the introductory course. In such a short time - 4 days - I have learnt so much at the novice level. I can't wait to return for more.

As an extra bonus, the soup is delicious.

Name: Chris Wagg

Message: I never thought I could cover so much ground in such a short space of time. Excellent course content delivered in an easy to digest manner, by a proffessional and knowledgeable family team.

P.S. Nice home made soup. What more could one ask?

Name: Ingrid Davis

Message: If you only do one creative thing make it enrolling on this course. You will have a brilliant time and learn an amazing amount which will well equip you for a new and absorbing hobby.

Name: Paul Webster

Message: I canít thank Leslie and Loren enough! I attend the 5 day course, and I really canít express how much I learned in that time. Not only are they excellent restorers, but they, most importantly are exceptionally good teachers. A relaxed and personal atmosphere made the experience all the more enjoyable. I for one will most certainly be back to take on more techniques and to continue to learn. Many thanks to you both

Name: Kelly Doyle

Message: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the first part of my course. From the first day I knew this was going to be a worthwhile course and a good investment of our money. I could see that the high standards of your work would come through in the instruction. As someone who intends to make this my new career, professional ceramic restoration, I want to be taught to do it correctly and to the highest standard possible and I am not being disappointed!

The controlled chaos and near panic I felt when first applying paint was handled very nicely by your calm demeanor and it is much appreciated. I am looking forward to the second part of my course in January, finishing, painting and airbrushing!

And I am glad I got the teapot handle right only on the 3rd try!!!

Your email support and after care are outstanding as well and I doubt I could go home afterward and just dive in without it!

Thanks and see you soon!

Name: Sylvia Green

Message: Looking for an interesting hobby I came across the Whites website. I nervously booked the course to go on, on my own - friends and family thought I was mad. What did I find - a lovely, welcoming family, a weekend of fun and a new skill that I couldn't wait to get home and start. If I could grade this course it would be five star!

Name: Allan Reynolds

Message: A well structured, comprehensive and totally absorbing course. Even the breaks were entertaining. It's such a pity the time passed so quickly. The section entitled "what we do" on the About Us page describes it perfectly.

Name: Peter Lloyd

Message: What a great course a fantastic week which was run in a friendly, organised manner included loads of tea, coffee and home made soup.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to restore ceramics, as a complete novice after one week I was able to do amazing things which included using the airbrush for the first time and modeling new parts.

In the future I hope to return for more guidance and tutition to help with expanding my skills.

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